Storyhole: A Compendium of Eighteen Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories

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ISBN: 9781457541933
224 pages

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ISBN: 9781457543746
224 pages

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It doesn’t matter if you walked through a portal in time and space, used a magic spell or arrived as the result of some technological marvel that transported your blasted atoms in a focused beam of energy. The important thing is you have arrived.

Imagine you have come to a strange land and an even stranger roadhouse. Not your run of the mill bed and breakfast nor a typical medieval inn, but a place where the drinks are free as long as you share a story. At a muddy crossroads in a small hamlet in Antioch, the land of chaos, you are a visitor to Storyhole Inn.


About C. Lee Brown

C. Lee Brown, creator of Pearl, Methanasia and Tales of the Bard, is a lover of all different sorts of secrets, myths, and legends. As a boy, he was an avid reader and especially enjoyed science fiction. As a teen, Lee and his friends loved to explore a local place in Illinois called Cave Hill. This amateur spelunking later inspired his interest in the dungeon exploits of characters in high fantasy novels.



Ron looked up at a pale blue sky from his bedroom window. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. Casually, he placed his hand on the window frame. Nearly hidden among the leaves and hanging brown sock seeds, a small female cardinal sat perched on the branch of a box elder tree outside Ronald’s window. It pecked at red stink bugs, knocking them off the branch instead of eating them. The bird burst into flight, fluttering quickly out the other side of the tree. Ron chuckled at the frightened bird and turned to his bed where his half-filled hiking pack sagged against a pillow.


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